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Hi there, My wife and I were in your audience this evening at Barlestone School and would like to say, in writing (we did speak to you after the performance), how much we enjoyed the evening. It is indeed a privilege to have musicians of your quality playing in a little village like ours...............thank you so much !!!! Thanks again for a smashing evening. . . . .I see that you are at Claybrooke Magna next year. . .we might try to come to that too. Best Wishes, Paul

Saw you a while back at the Gulbenkian theatre in Canterbury Magical Concert (When are you coming back??) Mike

LOVE your sound!!! Have many of your CD's. Planning a trip to Dublin in July 2009, will you be playng anywhere I could get to? thank you very much! Signe

I saw you perform a while ago now. Superb sound produced by excellent musicians. Christopher

Saw you for the first time at Dartmouth last year - have just discovered you're there during our holiday this year as well! Will queue if necessary! Christine

Hi there, I saw you in Mallow, Ireland about 15 years ago and always seem to miss your local gigs. I only live about 5 miles from Appleby Magna and missed your October gig by 1 day. Hmmmm. I'll try and catch you again soon, Ed

Hi Pippa, Rob and the rest of the band. Just a quick note to thank you very much for the speedy shipment of your latest CD. It travelled with me whilst on hols to NZ. I absolutely love your new recording. It was trully worth the wait since your last. What a triumph ! I couldn't expect any less rearly could I now? Your music seems to just get better and better . My only wish is that one day I will get to see you perfom live...... "My Crescent City" is more atmospheric than previous works and seemed to blend in well with the surroundings that I was in in New Zealand...(Marlborough Sounds).There isn't a track I dont like on the album. Congratulations to you all on yet another fine colaboration of work!!!! Now......when does the next album come out? Just kidding! Best wishes always Noel Burdette

Hi there Can still remember your gigs at the French Orange Pub on Glos Road North, Bristol. A few years ago now! We held our lighted cigarette lighters in the garden!! You signed my cd. Still enjoying your music, keep up the good work. Mo

Hi Pippa and Rob, Thank you so much for the wonderful gigs at Wexford and Midleton. Really looking forward to your next Irish visit.
Mike and Angela

Thank you so much for the brilliant gig last Sunday. It was fantastic to have you all back in our folkclub. The response of the audience was great !! Have a wonderful summer. Best wishes, Piet

Hey Pippa , Rob , Geoff en Chris I have sent you some foto's that I made from your beautiful concert last week in the Fookhook in Sevenum. We were happy to see and listen to such a beautiful concert. I enjoy the CD's that we bought very much, and we hope to see you back for another concert soon. Greetings, Mathy

Thanks for a wonderful performance at the Fookhook folkclub in Sevenum. I bought your last CD "My Crescent City" and it becomes better each time I listen to it, and that's how great music should be! Bye bye, hope to see you again somewhere

Hi Pippa, Rob and the rest of the band
Just a quick note to thank you very much for the speedy shipment of your latest CD. It travelled with me whilst on hols to NZ. I absolutely love your new recording. It was truly worth the wait since your last. What a triumph ! I couldn't expect any less really could I now? Your music seems to just get better and better. My only wish is that one day I will get to see you perfom live...... 'My Crescent City' is more atmospheric than previous works and seemed to blend in well with the surroundings that I was in in New Zealand...(Marlborough Sounds). There isn't a track I dont like on the album. Congratulations to you all on yet another fine colaboration of work!!!!
Now......when does the next album come out? - Just kidding! Noel

Discovered Weather in the Heart earlier this year by accident and it's become one of my all time favourite albums. Thanks. Martin

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to make the Cork Jazz Festival - although I would dearly have loved to have gone. I have never seen Carmina perform live. In fact, I only came across their music by chance a few months ago and I have NEVER been so completely transfixed listening to a C.D. before!! Now I am COMPLETELY and UTTERLY hooked!! I just can't get enough of their music!!!
Warmest wishes, Sylvia

I had a great time in Cork - the big band were great and I really enjoyed Midleton - Brian was on fire! I especially enjoyed Chris, Geoff and Dave doing a great number together! I think Rob will never get over us all dancing, including Pippa at the Met!!!! Stella

Having seen you at the Edinburgh Festival back in 1994 (I think it was), with Pete Jacobsen playing, I've been an admirer. It was my best mate and then-drummer who first saw you play in Dublin in the early 90s, got your demo/EP recording and I've been an obsessive Concorde listener ever since! I'd like to know if you're playing any London/Hertfordshire gigs..
Cheers, and I wish you all the success you deserve. Ben

Got 'Red River Valley Girl' cd single years ago with bonus track 'Concorde', fell in love with the sound - bought the live album recently over iTunes. wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. thank you
Brian, Dublin

I first heard Carmina at Port Fairy Folk Festival in Australia, and laying on the grass in the warm sunshine listening to Pippa's voice was divine! I remember that afternoon everytime I play the CD now

I've listened to Carmina all day, Pippa has a beautiful voice & her style is exceptional, She is absolutely fabulous! Wow! I am thoroughly hooked on Carmina
Sandy in Ohio

I was at a Dublin gig in Cobblestone's and became an instant fan of Carmina. My cousin from the USA was here for only one night and had never been to Dublin (or Ireland) before. Seeing Carmina was the highlight of her visit! She has been talking about them ever since

First saw you play at the Britol Harbour Festival in 2001. Completely captivated by the music and bought a copy of 'Weather In the Heart' at the gig. It always goes with me on long and frequent car journeys. So glad I had the pleasure of seeing Peter Jacobsen play before his sad death. His loss must have been dreadful.
Would love to see you in concert again and will keep an eye on forthcoming dates.
Regards, NY

Dear Carmina - Just want to say how much my friends and I enjoyed listening to you play your lovely music at the Hammersmith Irish Centre a few weeks ago. We each bought different CD's and are enjoying them very much!
Please keep us informed of your tour dates and new music. Many thanks.
Best wishes, Alice Rugheimer

Hi Pippa & Rob - Just a quick note to let you know we are both still around. Fond memories of you playing at The Crown - especially for our anniversary - which was the best kept secret and surprise we have had.
Love to you both. Mel & Rosie

"Carmina took the Guinness Festival Club by storm with a superb mix of jazz, folk and celtic crossover music - taking the audience on a bewitching journey full of melodic grace and inventiveness - a brilliant band superbly fronted by vocalist Pippa Marland and guitarist Rob King"
Jack McGouran, Artistic Director, Guinness Jazz Festival, Cork 2004

Hi Pippa and Rob, I just wanted to let you both know how much I enjoyed the gig last night, I'm sure Pippa has been told a thousand times that she has a beautiful voice and as I said to Rob, I thought his guitar playing was wonderfully expressive and emotive. I particularly liked the songs you had penned yourselves. I look forward to seeing you on 1 September in sunny Ilkeston! Best regards, John
John Bradshaw, Dragon Cases

Nice site. It's good to see that there are still bands around playing live music.
John Bradshaw, Dragon Cases

Hi - Its Claire!
I just want to say thank you so much for all the inspiring and friendly gigs at the Corri Tap on a sunday! also thanx rob for arranging many more talented duos! they have made my sundays so much more fun! thank you also very much for your loving friendship loadsa love Claire xxxxx

I just want to say I am sorry for the lost of a great musician Pete's music inspired me spiritually & emotionally ..just so much will be missed about him more than his talent alone but he will forever be in our hearts and his family and friends in our prayers - A.J

'Twentythree' - Excellent single, brilliantly produced and shows Pippa's voice off beautifully. I'll be playing this and other tracks from 'My Crescent City' until the rest of the world wakes up and finds out what it's missing.
Justice ? I just hope it comes quicker for you than Mandela. Mark Ringwood

Eileen, Carmina are coming to Hammersmith again. Come on!! No excuses this time. Otherwise it will have to be Celtic Connections one of these days. Belgium in August was brilliant. It doesn't get much more atmospheric than Carmina playing to several hundred people in a fortress by candlelight during a power cut. Love and thanks to all the Carmina musicians. Phil and Penny

You are driving me nuts all you Southern folks! Ive Still not managed to get to a concert and still waiting for the grand tour of Alba! Come on Carmina, get yourselves up here to "Celtic Connections". We had a brilliant Edinburgh Festival this year with sunshine and smiles all summer long. Imagine how much better that would be with the odd Carmina gig to get to! - Eileen in Edinburgh!

Pippa's voice jumped out of the radio doing her awesome rendition of Raglan Road while the family was crossing the Appalachian Mountains in North Carolina. The show was the Thistle and Shamrock and it has taken me some websearching to find out more about the unique set of musicians making up Carmina. I am pursuing a set of albums and look forward to seeing them perform when possible. THANK YOU! So sorry to hear about the loss of Pete Jacobson. Life is fragile. David Crow

Hi Everybody! Carmina is really fantastic!! Your CD is wonderful and I really enjoyed the concert in belgium at August,20th. I hope I can see you all live again !!
*Love to Carmina* XXXXXX Ine Brants

Hia Pippa, it was great to see and hear you live again. The festival set on Saturday was splendid, but its so magical and raw when you play live sets @ venues like the 'Tap' on Sunday lunchtime. Great solo Rob! - Lee

Thanks for a great few days in Ireland. I really enjoyed every gig. Each time I hear your songs again they feel so fresh and original, even though I must have listened to some of them hundreds of times. Keep up the good work - so many people enjoy your music and I feel it has become a part of my life I cant do without!
Love Stella xx

Hiya Rob and Pippa i think ur a brill band and i love your music! you are the most talented people i know. You have also been great friends to me (especially rob) and i want you to know that. I want to show how i appreciate your friendship and amazing music! and i feel im really Privileged to have the pleasure of knowing you. Hope to see you soon, loads of love, Julia xxxxxxxxxxx

We do so agree with Stella. Seeing you sing and play at Mother Redcap's was very special and our only regret was that we couldn't make it to Midleton too, following the recent launch of your wonderful live album On a Quiet Street. It was great to hear Diarmaid again and Brian for the first time. Congratulations on the beautifully produced re-issue of Weather in the Heart. How lovely that we can now listen to Pete's exquisite O Sweet Dancer. We are now looking forward to 29th June when you will be at the Hammersmith Irish Centre again, and we really hope that everyone who reads this and lives anywhere remotely within striking distance of Hammersmith will be there too. Come on Eileen from Edinburgh, join us in London. Much love from Phil and Penny xxx

Never heard of the group before but a last minute decision ( with the help of Time Out) took us to Hammersmith Irish Cultural Centre just in time to see the band walk onto the stage last night. I know it's all been said before but an unforgettable night of wonderful music by a superb group of talented artists. What a great combination of instruments and sounds. Bought the latest live CD; all superb tracks; almost worn it out already. Thanks to all of the band for a wonderful night and hope to get to more gigs in the future. Bob and Lisa.

Hello Rob,its been a long time since I met you in au Casino Kortrijk - You'd been playing a great concert there though your fingers were seriously hurt by the door of your old mercedes. Probably german revenge for losing the war! I'm very sorry to hear about the passing away of Pete. Life ain't fair. He was a brilliant musician...Keep on playing the way you did and remember him always as if his spirit is playing along with you right behind you. Hope to meet you again someday somewhere. Kind regards - Kok de Haan

I never got a chance to hear him play, or see what he was all about, but I am jealous that he still has the rights to! Let his spirit live on thru mine..after all, we must be related, somehow..Pete Jacobsen Victoria, BC, Canada

On behalf of myself and my partner, David Latley, I want to say that your concert with Andy Shepherd was one of the most spiritually uplifting events in my life. At this moment, Christmas is upon us, and I think that everyone who was there needs time to reflect again upon this. I look forward to your next gig in Bristol! Luv, Cindy Chrighton

Pete was a very nice guy with a rare talent that will be missed. Tom Appleford, I echo my brother

Pleased to have found your website. So sad to hear about Pete - glad to have had the privilige of recording him (with you) a few years back. Hope to make it to the forthcoming gig at QEH. Regards, Dave Appleford - Digital Recording co.

Heard 'Love Like Angels' from a friend - brilliant album. Am Coming to the Andy Shep gig (if I can get in!). See you there! Freddie Tusack

Three years ago, I was in a friend's house. A rainy afternoon reading a book, when my friend began to listen music and select an for me unknown CD, "Weather in the Heart". It was a special situation, I'd never heard anything like that before. Since then, I have given as a present this CD to all my friends. When will be held your next visit to Spain? I live in Madrid and I'd like to see Carmina in a live concert - Vicente Cuesta

Phil and Penny are driving me crazy! They are so fortunate to be able to go to Carmina concerts. When oh when might you all make your way north of the border? (no, not Watford!) Edinburgh needs you! I have been an Eddi Reader fan for over a decade and poor old Eddi has been shelved of late for the tones and tunes of Carmina. Blissful listening. How about a few gigs at the Edinburgh Festival ..... I do a mean Scottish Breakfast!! Eileen Bowry

First heard of the band through Bird of Paradise on Celtic Mystique while visiting Scotland in 2001. It was playing in every shop we went in and really hit a chord. The Album is superb, already an all time favorite with 'Mountains of Prayer' right up there as fav all time song. I cant believe that Carmina are not better known! Stewart Alderman

What a great way to end your summer gigs at the Komedia in Brighton. The fourth time we have seen you in 2002 and definitely the best!! Everyone was in the mood to wish Pippa on her way to have her baby. Thought Rob was great on the bodhran and all the band excelled themselves. Well Done! Looking forward to your return in October. Phil &Penny

Irene & Sonja - Two weeks ago we went to the park of Lommel (Belgium). On that beautiful summer evening it was the first time we saw you and we hope it won't be the last. It was a wonderful evening! We've played your CD "Love like angels" a lot. Please come visit Lommel again! Bye!

Baz the Soundy - Hi Pippa and Rob. Just read about Pete's death on your web page. I only got to work with him 3 times, but I knew at first meeting that he was a warm dedicated soul, a true musician. Regards, Baz

Richard Jinman - Hi Pippa and Rob. Just found out about Pete from your web site. I'm so sorry. My thoughts are with the two of you. I feel very lucky to have heard him play. Please get in touch when you can... love, Richard

Lucy Enderby - Just got back from Henley, where we saw you in the Transparium stage. Wonderful music, bought the CD even (which I never do!). Sorry about the background noise, which we (i have to confess) contributed to - but it was great to see such accomplished musicians apparently enjoying themselves so much on stage (were you?). I'll campaign for your return! With best wishes, Lucy

Jack Murton - I was terribly saddened to hear the tragic news of the death of Pete Jacobsen. I have wonderful memories of your concert in Spilsby, Lincolnshire where I first heard your music. It was a spell-binding atmosphere and the music was a revelation. My thoughts are with you both

Chris J (Spadger Sound) Just heard the news. A great shame to lose such a talented musician who also had the burden of being a genuinely nice guy as well. Pippa, Rob et all, my sincerest condolences.

Hi there after such a long time I hope you are well. I have just read about Pete Jacobson's death and wish to send condolences to all involved with him. He is such a loss a wonderful musician and an amazing man I consider myself privaleged to have seen him play and spent time in his and your company. keep it up and looking forward to hearing the live album sincerely John O'Regan

Until tonight, 9 years since I heard a haunting piece of music on a Folk Roots programme on Radio Devon (or Plymouth) while sitting in my car overlooking Plymouth Sound, a piece from an album called 'Still Between The Sun and Moon' by a band called Carmina (I wrote it all down on a scrap piece of paper guessing the spelling), I concluded that I would simply never get to see or hear anything about Carmina again. I have been searching record shops and listings in vain ever since. Tonight, some months since my heart last sank at the thought of never being able to find this elusive album, as I logged on to the internet, I recalled the album again and plugged in an 'exact phrase match'. Oh Boy. There it was in front of my eyes. Such a long wait. A cheque is on its way to Pippa and I shall now be pacing up and down awaiting the arrival of the album. Marvellous, simply marvellous. David Penniston

Thanks for a great evening of music at East Grinstead last Friday. It was sad without Pete but still the band's music was really uplifting and a fitting tribute to his memory. Hope to see you at Brighton, baby permitting ! Or in Bristol one day when we visit. Phil & Penny

Helene Londragan - I was very sorry to here of Pete's death. I unfortunately only saw him perform a few times but the times I did were memorable. He will be sadly missed. All the best to Rob, Pippa and the rest of the band. Helene

Tony Campbell - Sending my condolences for all connected with the band on Pete's passing. First saw the band at Port Fairy Folk Festival in March this year. Loved your music! Have both 'Weather in the Heart' & 'Love LIke Angels'. Pippa very kindly signed the latter for me - I'm both a folk & jazz fan. Keep on making great music! Tony

Jeffrey Davis - Very sad news. I was glad that at the last Carmina gig I attended, at the Komedia in Brighton, I went up to Pete Jacobsen to tell him how much I enjoyed his piano solo on "Bird of Paradise" and other Carmina tracks. He gave some self-deprecating reply but I'm pleased that I spoke to him. I shall look forward to the memorial concert in Maidstone.

Kevin Keating - Just sharing the loss of Pete and understand the loss that anyone who knew him and had the honour of playing next to him must be feeling I played next to Pete the past 6 years in the Chris Fletcher band in fact always insisted on standing right next to him, and on our journey's home he used to talk about Carmina a lot,I considered him a real friend and soul mate and above all a messiah when it came to music,He was my dream come true and in all my future plans. I am sure that Carmina will be a big success as you found Pete Jacobsen and those who found Pete never let him go because there was no one like him. See you in Southend Thursday Regards Kevin Keating

Sergio Cabanillas - Dear Pip and Rob, It's sad to re-appear this way. I've just read about Pete's unexpected loss and I'm really shocked about it - still remember the pints we shared at Triskel Tavern and Cafe Central here in Madrid. Next Thursday I'll play his performance of "Ah sweet dancer" in his memory at my radio show. Please receive my most sincere condolences. Your friend Sergio from Madrid, Spain.

Jeff Haines - Logging on after a 6 week holiday break from the computer I was deeply distressed by the news.I had intended to send my best wishes to Pete, Rob & Pippa on the recording of the live album which will now be a bittersweet coda to his career. I met Pete backstage at the Sydney St. Patrick's Day concert. We chatted for an hour or so about everything from the atmospheric noise of the bats circling overhead (from the nearby Botanical Gardens) to how he was looking forward to returning to his newly renovated flat in London. I was impressed by how much he enjoyed working with Pippa & Rob and I can only send my deep regrets and warmest thoughts to them and his UK/Ireland friends and family. He will always be there in the music and our memories.

Michael and Anne Cummins - Pete was a wonderful musician. We will not forget the beautiful sounds he created for us at the Meeting Place in Midleton. We can only say that we are very sad at his passing and wish to express our sincere sympathy to the band and his family

Just looked up your website to see your latest news, and we were shocked to read about Pete's sudden death. How sad to lose such a talented man. Our thoughts are with you all. Phil & Penny

Tony Moore - The Meeting Place, Midleton, Co. Cork
Ireland expresses our shock at the news of Pete's sudden death. He will be remembered as a superb musician. He was in brilliant form a few weeks ago during the recording of Carmina's live album. All our folk club supporters will be reeling at this news. Venues all over Ireland will mourn his passing. To Rob and Pippa, we are thinking of you both. from Tony Moore

Micheal Jovasi - Dear Carmina, I saw you on your first night at the Meeting Place, Midleton, East Cork. I didn't sign the mailing list, but I bought your album 'Weather in the Heart', which I have been playing ever since. I feel that the music is very spiritually uplifting, especially as I have been through some hard times just lately. God bless you, and I await the new live album, especially as it must have my vocal contribution in there somewhere! Love, Micheal

Dorothy Noade - I'd just like to say that this was my first time at the Irish Centre, Hammersmith. I was very moved by the music, especially as apparently the piano player had never played with you before! Do you have a tour guide for your Irish dates? I would love to receive one! Love, D

Wouter & Deirdre - Great gig a couple of weeks ago in the Meeting Place in Middleton!! First time seeing you guys playing, but it was brilliant! Good luck!

Geoff Robinson - Greetings - I saw Carmina at the Port Fairy Folk Festival in Victoria, Australia on the first night of the festival. Wow - I was really impressed and caught them a couple more times over the weekend - both as a trio (Pippa, Pete and Rob) and with a couple of locals on drums/percussion and bass. I purchased "Weather in the Heart" and it has almost been on endless loop ever since! There was plenty of excellent music at the festival but Carmina was one of the highlights for me!

Bruce Clarke - I heard you perform live on Melbourne radio (March 14, ABC-774) and was knocked out by your performance, especially by the song "Bird of Paradise". I would have loved to have seen you at the Cornish Arms, but other commitments prevented this. I hope to track down your album "Weather in the Heart", and can only hope you find your way back to Oz in the future. Cheers, Bruce

Trefor Patten - Hi there Pippa, Rob and all who sail in Carmina, best wishes for everything in Oz, looking forward to seeing you again in some form or another (stripped-down sports version or full-band limousine remember?) at the Albert

Phil & Penny - Just to wish you well on your Aussie tour. We and our daughter Jo really enjoyed seeing you again at the Pizza Express in Maidstone in February. Hope I was OK as MC! Rather daunting being in the spotlight and on your side of the mike ! Thanks for the CD 'Still between the sun and moon', there are some great songs on it. I realised afterwards that Pippa had said the thanks to all of Carmina but not to herself whom I should have mentioned as the lady who actually has 'the voice of the Bird of Paradise'. We have booked for 8 of us to hear you on May 24 at East Grinstead as a birthday treat for Penny. Hope the floods don't keep people away this year. Enjoy your time down under

Phil & Penny Saw you for the first time at the Ram Club,Claygate on Friday Feb 1st 2002. We thought your performance was absolutely magical particularly in the candlelight! Now playing Weather in the Heart and Love like Angels all the time and looking at your gig list to fix our next visit to hear you. Hopefully at Maidstone (before you tour Australia) or at East Grinstead or both ! Unfortunately we can't join you down under. Love Phil & Penny

Andrea Cisternino - I saw you at the Harbour Festival yesterday and I just want to say that your performance was impressive. The best band of the event. Hope to hear you again in Bristol.

Lee Blackmore - Pippa, Rob & the band, Great Gig @ the festival this weekend: Pippa, your voice goes through me like 'an arrow through an apple'. C u soon. Lee xx

Paul Mortimer - I saw you at Bristol today, and what a fabulous find.You are the best and classiest live music I have heard since I saw a lot of very good Scandinavian music at Salisbury festival earlier this year. Keep it up and I hope to see you in October, also I will tell a lot of people about you!

Cora Mcrory - Thank you for the wonderful concert at Labadoux. I listen to the CD all the time now. Love, C

Jann Thys - Carmina was for me and my friends (all musicians) the best concert of the Labadoux festival. Thanks